About us

Expertly Designed and Built Outdoor Spaces

At Sean Child Garden | Landscape Design we offer a comprehensive service in all aspects of design and build to deliver innovative and sustainable outdoor spaces. Our wide-ranging set of skills and expertise allow us to be involved from a garden or landscape’s first inception right through to its completion.

Our designs range from classical to contemporary and showcase our meticulous attention to detail. We work closely with our clients to produce unique and individual schemes that fulfil their brief.

- Sean Child

Principal, Dip (Garden Design)

About Sean

Sean has been designing and landscaping gardens since 2004. From his origins building gardens and supervising their construction, he has gone on to study their design and functionality in great detail.

Studying garden design in both South and Central London, he has gained extensive knowledge in both the processes of designing and planting innovative gardens and landscapes.

He draws his inspiration from other leading designers and architects, coupled with his own experiences of outdoor spaces and nature. His designs range from the contemporary to the traditional and are both inventive and practical.

Sean Child